Our focus is process reliablity ​

Our focus is process reliability ​

Asensiot mission is to improve process reliability by providing practical tools for predictive maintenance.​

Levels of rotating machine condition



No detected anomalies

(Defect not started)


Early stage​

Detection in high frequency vibration ​

(2-9 months before failure)​


Late stage​

Detection in low frequency vibration ​

(1-2 months before failure)​

Wasting your valuable time in searching faults?​

Complexity of today​

Complexity of today​

Overloading with data, multiple measurement systems, vibrations trends, manual alarms limit and machine information upkeeping, copy-pasting information to manual reports.​

New simplified way​

New simplified way​​

Comprehensive and automated way to combine all processed data as results in one complete value added summary without time consuming upkeeping​.

Cornerstone of processing reliability​

Vibration analysis is one of the most challenging but the most important industrial jobs.​

Asensiot FRT - Processing reliability
Our unique promise - Predictive maintenance

Our unique promise​

Asensiot processes this condition analysis job faster, more accurately, repeatedly, easier and cheaper than any other available supportive and automated solution today.​

Asensiot FRT - Processing reliability


All measurement positions are resulted in simple to use Excel summary or in user interface for advanced users, focusing questions: which are the machines that need focus? How urgent reaction is needed? What needs to be done?​

Asensiot FRT - Processing reliability

More Accurately​

Proven results with over 90% accuracy to industrial pumps, fans, blowers and electric motors. Reliable way to find, both early and late stage, bearing faults and inadequate lubrication as well as low frequency faults.

Asensiot FRT - Processing reliability


Asensiot algorithm is based on standardized data and key features and relationships that are tested in laboratory and in several field tests​.

New simplified way​


No need for bearing information or complicated UI to gain results: acceleration time waveform, raw signal (g or m/s²), Sample length at least 2.56 s (min 1.28 s). Sampling rate at least 12.8 kHz. Rotating speed if available.

Send us your raw data sample and we test it free of charge

Asensiot First Response Tool for predictive maintenance

Our solution is Asensiot FRT​

Asensiot FRT, first response tool is 24/7 tool for processing data from all condition monitoring systems (Online, Offline, MEMS) to support the end user’s fault prediction capability in predictive maintenance​.

The pricing of Asensiot FRT tool


Please ask for free demo first !

How this all works?​

Export your vibration-based raw data from all condition monitoring systems and import the data to FRT. Asensiot algorithm processes the data out as clear valuable results in a simple Excel summary or in our user interface.

Proven results​

Example cases measured by SKF microlog system

Electric motors 202 pcs

Detection rate 98,51 %​
Diagnosis rate 94,5 %​

Pumps, fans, blowers and electric motors 255 pcs ​

Detection rate 99,33 %​
Diagnosis rate 94,04 %​

Pumps, fans, blowers and electric motors 59pcs​

Detection rate 99,9%​
Diagnosis rate 98,63%​​

Data adaptations available for e.g. SKF, Valmet, Prüftechnik/Fluke systems

Asensiot FRT comparison

Asensiot FRT

Market offering

  • Results can be calculated as soon as data is available​
  • All measurement positions are resulted in one complete Excel summary report
  • Multiple measurement systems, information and reports are fractured into different systems​
  • Integration of data and results takes time and effort
  • Proven results of multiple fault types from pumps, fans, blowers and electric motors​
  • Early and late stage and inadequate lubrication fault types without bearing information
  • Mainly manually generated results vary according to capability of the expert
  • Standardized data processing (patent pending)
  • Key features and relationships tested in laboratory and field
  • Current systems can't offer reliable diagnosis of rotating machine condition
  • No standardized methods in data processing
  • Easy to upkeep without specific machine or bearing information or complicated user interface to save the concrete results
  • Simple tool to import raw data and process data to concrete results to support experts
  • Asensiot FRT is easy to integrate with any system enviroment
  • System maintenance requires expertice and continuous effort
  • Multiple vibration trends​
  • Manual alarms limit upkeeping​
  • Machine information upkeeping (bearing information)​
  • 50% more cost efficient
  • Available 24/7​
  • For all customers​
  • For data from all systems (Online, Offline, MEMS) ​
  • 3-6€/position + added fees​
  • Not available continously​
  • Very limited services for smaller-sized customers​

Asensiot FRT technical coverage

Fault type Frequency range​
HF*/ LF**
Rotational speed OR speed range***​
Information is needed









Rotating looseness






Electrical fault​​









Other LF fault​​



Bearing fault, early stage​

/ -


Bearing fault​

/ ()


Inadequate lubrication​

/ -



/ -


Other HF fault​

/ -


*HF – High Frequency, Sampling rate min. 12.80 kHz
**LF – Low Frequency, Sampling rate min. 2.56 kHz​
***Speed ranges: 500-1000 rpm, 1000-2000 rpm or 2000-4000 rpm​

Our capability is

Your Value

DETECT potential problems

Asensiot FRT enables improved first response by reliable detection.

DIAGNOSE common faults

Asensiot FRT diagnoses fault severity and condition.

ACT to solve problems and prevent failures

Asensiot FRT supports experts. Automatized Excel reports release time for more valuable tasks as root cause analysis and recommended actions to improve reliability performance.

Asensiot value added features​

System independent​

Integrable​​ (API possible)

Early stage bearing fault and inadequate lubrication​​ detection

No bearing information needed​​

Visual call-to-action summary​​

Ability to automate ticketing

Asensiot First Response Tool for predictive maintenance